Welcome to My New Website!/Vision Board 2023


I am excited to share my new website with you! It took me a bit of time to get here, but for some reason, now felt like the right time for a very new beginning. With this brand new website, I want to create, and write, and make it a safe and comfortable place for you to be. My main goal with my music and art is to help calm, to help sooth your soul and mind. As someone with Anxiety, I know how important it is to have that safe cocoon and also having a place where you can gather inspiration, as inspiration definitely takes my mind away from all of my anxious thoughts! 

So what can you expect from this site: Anything and everything. I will be sharing music from my YouTube, my discography, new songs frequently which I will sell. I will be writing this blog where I'd love to share thoughts, tips for anxiety, what I'm wearing, what is inspiring me, meaning behind my songs. There's so much I would like to do with this site. Please favorite this site, so you can come back and visit as often as you'd like!

To start off this new beginning, as well as a new year, I made a vision board. I've never made one before, but I felt like this year I needed one. Other years have felt so confusing and crazy, that this year, I wanted to envision what I'd like to do in a more visual way. I am a Pinterest fanatic, it is my favorite app. I gather so much inspiration from it, and that's how I created this vision board. I made it with some words in mind, words that I want this year to revolve around:

Books, Playing Dress Up, Love, Cozy Home, Healthy Food, Nature, Vacation, Recording, Peace


I have a few other images of other more personal words on my Pinterest, but these are my main goals. 

I have had a lot of fun creating this vision board and I'm ready to start off the new year with simplicity and grace. 

~Morgan Erina

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